Town of Oconto Falls

Town Board Meeting Minutes - February 10, 2014

MINUTES of the


February 10, 2014 MEETING

Dave Alsteen-Chairman

Vic Peterson, Phil Konitzer-Supervisors

Mary Lemmen-Treasurer---Mike L.Kaczmarek-Clerk

  • The meeting was called to order by Chairman Dave Alsteen at approximately 7:00 P.M.

  • Roll call was taken with Alsteen, Peterson, Lemmen, Kaczmarek present. Konitzer arrived at 7:07. Dick Lemmen was the lone member of the audience.

  • Motion to approve the agenda by Peterson, second by Alsteen. carried.

  • The minutes of the last board meeting on January 13, 2014 were read. Motion to approve the minutes as read by Peterson, second by Alsteen. Carried.

  • The treasurer’s report was then given. The balance carried forward from December-2013 was $6,193.88. January receipts were $888,685.67. Checks issued totaled $424,068.78, leaving a balance of $470,810.77.

  • Bills for January, with checks issued, were reported by the clerk with a motion to approve by Peterson, second by Konitzer. Carried.

  • The upcoming (Friday-Feb 21st) Wisconsin Town’s Association district meeting was discussed and all board members will attend.

  • The upcoming (Feb-18th) primary election for the Gillett School District was discussed. The public test of voting machines has been completed. Poll workers are assigned.

  • The new computer system will be installed on February 11,2014.

  • A permit request by Centurylink was approved.

  • A contribution request by the Oconto COunty EDC was denied with a motion by Peterson/Konitzer to invite a representative of OC-EDC to attend a meeting and speak to the board about the benefits of the town’s participation. Carried

  • Bids were examined for a roof replacement on the town hall. Steffens roofing presented a bid for $5325.00 and Nick Holtger presented a $7724.00 bid. Motion by Peterson/Konitzer to accept the Steffens bid. Carried.

  • The board was informed that an insurance claim for a plow truck side window has been submitted (no deductible) and that was followed by discussion of replacement of a recently damaged garage heater. A motion was made by Peterson/Konitzer to accept the heater replacement bid by Lisowe heating.* The insurance claim ($250 deductible) will be submitted. (* note: This motion was later rescinded as another bid arrived shortly after the meeting from United Plumbing and Heating for consideration.)

  • It was noted that two missing road signs have been ordered.

  • The board then discussed at length-and took action on the razing of property at 6509 Cty K. A motion was made by Peterson/Konitzer to follow designated procedure in the razing of said property. Carried.

  • Other board discussion included that Tim Peterson and Aaron Konitzer will be added to the list of snow plow drivers.

  • No further discussion.

  • Motion to adjourn by Konitzer/Peterson. Carried.

Mike L. Kaczmarek, Clerk





Town Hall

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